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The electric Golf Cars that are manufactured by ACG in Southern California are more than just ordinary utilitarian Golf Carts !

That is why we like to refer to them as "Golf Cars".

This is because in our Golf Cars you find carlike features that are generally not available from other manufacturers of Golf Carts.

Also many of our models can be optionally equipped so they are legally classified as Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) or Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) and therefore can be registered in most States for operation on public streets.

What is LSV or NEV?

In 1998 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) established a limited set of safety standards for low-speed vehicles (LSVs) intended for vehicles used "to make short trips for shopping, social, and recreational purposes primarily within retirement or other planned communities with golf courses."

NEV is a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) that qualifies as LSV.

To qualify as an LSV, a vehicle must have:

  1. Four (4) wheels
  2. Top speed of more than 20 MPH
    but less than 25 MPH
  3. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)
    of less than 1,361 kilograms (3,000 lbs.)

LSVs are exempt from most federal safety standards that apply to motor vehicles, and they are not required to meet any criteria for vehicle crashworthiness.

A Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) as defined in FMVSS #500 is a vehicle that must be equipped with all of the following:

A Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) as defined in FMVSS #500 is also required starting with 2018 Model Year to have following additional equipment:

All ACG Golf Cars that are optionally equipped as NEV have all the above required features as a Standard Equipment, so your Golf Car will be "Road Ready".

States, not NHTSA, are responsible for regulating the operation of motor vehicles on public roads and for handling of LSV titling and registration.

Most states allow LSVs to attain speeds no greater than 25 mph on roadways with speed limits of no more than 35 mph.

Four states (Connecticut, Mississippi, Montana, and Pennsylvania) do not have statutes allowing the use of LSVs on their public roads.

Many states allow their departments of transportation or local jurisdictions to restrict the use of LSVs on their roads.


Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #500

Can LSV or NEV be operated on Public Roads ?

Generally YES, but there are some exceptions that vary from State to State and even each Locality may have specific rules for use of LSV or NEV on public roads.

In California this rule applies:

Registration is required if you operate your NEV on a highway designated for such use by ordinance or resolution within one mile of a golf course. You may not operate on roads with speed zones above 25 mph except by ordinance or resolution by a local authority.

Also NEV is operated anywhere other than private property, following requirements apply:

If you drive your NEV on the road it must be equipped with:

All ACG Golf Cars that are optionally equipped as NEV for sale in State of California have all the above required features as a Standard Equipment, so your Golf Car will be "Road Ready".


California Vehicle Code Section 385.5

Click the PDF Icon below to download document prepared by California DMV for NEV and eGC owners:

For quick reference of current regulations applicable to LSVs in all States in USA, click the IIHS logo or link below to check their web page that is maintained and updated by IIHS:

USA Map: roads on which low-speed vehicles are permitted

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